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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term for "Universal Life Energy". Reiki as a system of enlightenment can be traced back to Buddhist teachings as early as 630 B.C. In its application, it is also a method of natural healing that utilizes the laying-on-of-hands approach to channel Healing Energy through the facilitator to the willing recipient.

The Reiki Symbol to the right is called a kanji, as two characters are combined as one. This kanji loosely translates into 'The Power of God'. Reiki is the energy that flows through all of creation; our bodies, our  minds, our world. Reiki is simply the Love that IS God in action.

How can Reiki help me?

Once the recipient is open to the Healing Energy, Reiki can relieve pain, significantly speed up the healing process, stop bleeding, relieve stress by relaxing the receiver, mend broken bones, and balance the individuals energy centres (Chakras) and Auric Field. Respiration and blood pressure lowers and emotional calming occurs. Reiki enhances recovery from surgery or other trauma by reprogramming the negative emotional and mental energies surrounding the incident. Children challenged with hyperactivity, attention or learning disorders, and early childhood traumas find relief from chronic anxiety, pain, and stress. In many instances of debilitating or life threatening disease such as Cancer & Aids, Reiki has been used successfully to initiate full recoveries. Elderly persons or those suffering with chronic pain benefit greatly from Reiki since their bodies tend to be always struggling to maintain optimal energy levels. 

Reiki allows people to take more control of their health and life by and increasing self-awareness and providing self-empowerment. Reiki itself, because it is not man-made, is not a religion though many religious people practice some form of it. No matter where a person is in their life, Reiki will harmonize and embrace their philosophical centrepoint and naturally increase the Divine Presence. While everything that has life has “Ki”, receiving a Reiki attunement from a qualified Teacher connects the student in a very specific and magnified way to the frequencies of limitless healing.

Once an individual or animal is attuned to Reiki through an initiation, they are permanently reminded of their indelible link to God. Simply placing one’s hands on oneself, or another Being, allows the energy to flow through the individual. It fills the Reiki practitioner’s body first and then flows out through the practitioner’s hands into the individual who is receiving the healing. Reiki energy comes from the God-Source and as such, is an extremely powerful energy with the intent to reconstitute, or heal. Reiki is unique in that it is one of the few forms of healing that can be used to heal oneself.

Reiki does not conflict with any other health care, but enhances its results. Reiki speeds the healing process, and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill, under medical treatment or in recovery. Reiki healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of the healee (who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness) a total healing can occur. As emotional issues are brought to the surface for release, chronic pain may seem to get worse before it gets better. Pain that has developed over many years will take several sessions to break it's hold on the body and it's old messages and responses. 

Reiki can also be used successfully to change negative behavior patterns and habits: to stop biting your nails, or quit smoking. We are reminded of our God given Free Will and that the energy of God-Source is neutral and awaiting the positive choice by the user. A Reiki facilitator plays an instrumental part in this transformation, and yet it is ultimately up to the healee to manifest harmony and balance in their life.

The Reiki facilitator is a channel and must not allow the “Ego-Will” to desire the healee well. To be effective, the Reiki facilitator must be a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows. Healer, is reminded to "heal thyself", first. 

The methodology of Reiki is a tool for use at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief or a quick energy boost. Reiki also functions as a holistic self help technique for directing natural life energy. No special environment or equipment is needed and age makes no difference. By following the steps taught by a Reiki Master/Teacher anyone is able to direct the God force that is Reiki to meet specific and individual needs.

More on Remote (or Distant) Healing

by Rev. Christine

          The principles behind remote, or distant healing work are scientifically based, tested, and proven as extremely effective. All of life is interconnected via what Ervin Laszlo refers to as the "A-Field". Laszlo states that within the theory of the A-Field ( or Akashic Field ) the underlying physical reality is a holographic field in which everything - be it a particle, an atom, a molecule, an amoeba, a mouse, or a human being - is connected with every other thing. The A-Field is a medium that cannot be registered by conventional means and the information moves within this field effortlessly and without any observable resistance. The A-Field ties together all physical systems in a highly coherent whole. The A-Field continuously interacts with matter at every level from subatomic to cosmic to influence the way every living thing grows, adapts, and evolves. The A-Field therefore is a kind of active memory field encompassing space and time.

          How this theory applies to remote healing is simple. When a trained facilitator focuses specific healing techniques towards the intended recipient, this information travels through the A-Field to it's destination regardless of geographic location or linear time. The transference is literally instantaneous. The degree to which the recipient is aware of, or feels the information as it is transmitted is individual and unique to each case. The effects can also be measured by observing overall feelings of calm, peacefulness, or relief from anxiety or pain immediately following the transmission or also by noticing shifts in perception several days later.

          Although most healing work practiced today is intended to be cumulative and progressive, it is ultimately the responsibility of the recipient to maintain an attitude of well being and a mental discipline to work towards resolving the inner conflict. The resistance factor therefore rests entirely within the influence of the recipient. In other words, one must be "open" to receive well being and sincere in their desire to evolve towards God Consciousness. Once the healing is sent the energy patterns of dis-ease or disharmony have been reset. Often a few days of integration are required as it takes the physiology "time" to adapt to the new patterns. Most healing work is based on a progressive shifting towards wholeness in that the body/ mind system has a natural hierarchy of needs with regards to what areas require immediate attention.

          Often people will want to address a specific issue that has a root cause, or foundational cause in another area which must be dealt with first. In this regard, it is truly a team effort, between the recipient and practitioner, as well as any other wellness facilitators the recipient is working with, to bring the most critical issues to light as quickly as possible. Remote work is also very effective in offering new perspectives and opportunities to shift old paradigms into deliberate creative self mastery through initiatic processes and Soul imprinting to those whose interest is more towards Enlightenment. Regardless of the need, remote healing is a viable alternative when traveling to the facilitator is not possible.

The Deeper Side of Reiki

by Rev. Christine

     It is my desire to offer a different perspective on the subject of Reiki, one that is seldom addressed and then only in passing. Perhaps given the tradition of secrecy couched as sacredness, these elements of Reiki are not customarily revealed to the general populace. In it’s early Western history, the Reiki traditions, principles, practices, and theories were kept “tight to the breast”. As time went on, more courageous individuals produced textbooks, manuals, and methods of applying Reiki in combination with sound, light, crystals, herbs, and specific sequences of hand positions in an effort to show the diversity and inherent power of the Reiki system.

     For a while, and I hear the squabbling continues between some schools still today, people argued over the authenticity of lineage and how tangent schools were not teaching or practicing “true” Reiki. In the last 10 years, we have come a long way through the efforts of International collaborations and many outspoken individuals connecting via the Internet who have diligently worked to evolve the collective outlook of the Reiki community on individuated schools of teaching. Many now offer disclaimers that all Reiki schools are equal and valid, which is fabulous, since the egos of the participants generated the ideas of exclusivity and separation in the first place. The standard article on Reiki usually begins by describing the modality as an ancient method of hands-on-healing. A gentle, subtle, yet powerful process of transforming the root cause of a problem to a higher state of being or awareness, which contributes towards returning an individual to wellness, balance, and wholeness.

     We also clarify that Reiki operates on the basic energetic levels, harmonizing frequencies to adjust emotional imbalances, and increasing bio-electrical current to damaged cells thus encouraging the natural physical healing process. But seldom is the “why” addressed. In the beginning, as they say, was the “word”, and from the word of “God” emanations came forth. As these stepped down through the layers of creation, the energy frequencies became dense enough to cohere and create matter; thus the Earth and planets were formed. Out of the Earth, another frequency was born: biological life. One in particular, which could house, or maintain a connection to the Higher Realms of conscious awareness: Man, created in the image and likeness of God (and God being the source of creative emanations). Man was gifted with the ability to emanate variable creative frequencies of thought and emotion, the dominant vibration of which becomes his life experience. A man is comprised of his beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about his world, and his direct experience. He also contains the seeds of conscious awareness, or full enlightenment. Man also has free will, which throughout the ages, has been both a slave and a master, allowing him to play out the roles of victim, perpetrator, and all parts in between.

     Through the admission of free will, man had the choice to turn away from the light, or enlightenment, and his connections to Creator, therefore effectively choosing darkness, or ignorance. Since those initial choices were made, so very long ago, man has collectively been a long time returning from whence he came. Built into the “plan” for the planet Earth, and by extension, the “plan” for Man, was a system of re-balancing, a sort of karma, in that the nature of the planet is to seek and maintain an appropriate balance in order to continue to survive, grow, and evolve. Reiki is of the Earth. It is a part of the original blueprint or programming which works to re-stabilize imbalances caused by interaction among the planets inhabitants. When we perform hands-on sessions, we act as a conduit, drawing the energies from the Earth elements and from the Cosmic, as our bodies provide the grounding mechanism.

     Reiki is the flow of nature, which seeks automatically to re-stabilize the physiological structure that houses the consciousness. That’s why Reiki works on everything, it was “built” and designed for life here on planet Earth. Through Reiki we can re-connect lost or forgotten parts of ourselves, unearthing memories of Who we are and Why we are here, effectively existential questions certainly, but one’s that many people ask at some point in their lives. Reiki is a re-awakening to Self. Through attunements, our physiology is re-aligned with certain receptive frequencies. It acts as a reminder of our true nature. The saying, “if you’ve been away long enough, you forget what home looks like”, can feel very true. Humanity has been far from home for a very long time and we have forgotten how good life is supposed to be, and we have learned to feel abnormal if we are joyful for too long.

     Reiki, in the Japanese language, loosely means “spirit”, and the Reiki symbol loosely translates into “the power of God”. Through the practice of Reiki, we continue to ground the frequencies of Heaven onto the Earth. For each individual, this is expressed through their life experience, wellness, abundance, and joy. By contrast, the absence of strong balanced connection results in chaos, disharmony, injury, and illness. Reiki is not just a modality; it is a stream of consciousness, of intelligence, that we are all connected to in one degree or another, as part of the Earth plane package. The attunements remind us of that, like old photographs long hidden viewed with delight upon re-discovery. Reiki is not only ancient, it is primal, meaning it was included in the forces which created our Earth, therefore it embodies all of the earthly elements such as minerals, water, fire, etc as well as the elements of spirit, or creation itself. With this definition we can extrapolate that all methods of healing fall under the category of Reiki, or God intelligence. Everything from medicine to herbs, to physical therapies, to spiritual healing, to meditation, to yoga, and on and on. All of these are expressions of the Higher Order to re-balance, to re-connect, to return humanity to its Highest state of Being, joy, creativity, and fulfillment. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter which practice tickles your fancy, or which modality you want to study. The bug of Self-discovery has bitten you, and there is no “one” way to go, and there is no “best” modality out there.

     We are creative beings in a Universe that responds vibrationally to our asking, and as creators; we continually build new systems, and invent new techniques to help get us home. We use our egos constructively to help us find the best most adventurous pathway back. They are all valid. They are all powerful, and they all work – for someone, for the one who created it in particular, and for those with common vibrational resonance. All modalities fall under the umbrella of re-connect, re-align, re-turn to Who You Really Are. So, when seeking a practitioner or teacher, ask yourself – am I seeking a cure? am I broken? And do I want to be fixed? or am I simply not as connected to the Source of well-being as I could be and do I want a person who says they can fix me, or do I want a practitioner who can help me remember Who I Am?

     In the end, this is the only game in town.

     We emerged from God and to there we shall return. There is nowhere else to go, and in the in between times, be conscious of the journey’s of your brothers and sisters, be compassionate for those still choosing disconnection. If you must worry, do so only for yourself. Look after your own journey back home and miraculously the others will be taken care of.

     This is what Jeshua had to say about Reiki;

"Reiki is older than recorded history though it was known by other names. It is the transmission of that which you call God, the Source of all Life, through a human vehicle. Each facilitator’s abilities are dictated by their current level of self-awareness, each student longing to know thyself, each master longing to know themselves as a Child of God and therefore open to receive and gift the Grace of God to others through their unconditional surrender to that Source; to serve.

It is the way I taught them to love themselves. I saw myself as whole and complete. I held that vision and knowing whilst in the presence of illness and it was changed. It was a way to show them their own power and connection to God."  ~ Jeshua


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